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Great Neck

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At Leaps and Bounds, we understand what motivates clients when it comes to completing our fitness programs. Some individuals come to us looking for better coordination and confidence so that they can jump into novel and familiar activities that require increased strength, coordination and motor planning. Whatever our client’s needs, you can count on our trainers to bring personalized and an encouraging spirit to each session. We’re here to get our clients from where they are today to where they want to be with their physical ability. All of our personal trainers have experience making exercise fun so our clients feel safe and encouraged to keep moving.

Our fitness programs are built around fun, playful work out activities rather than the same old routine. We use creativity and input from our clients, including their goals and interests. We feel that a personalized training program that utilizes the input from parents or clients can give individuals more self-esteem, more energy, more strength and more enthusiasm.

Here are just some of the benefits that can be attained through our fitness/motor development programs:

•Stronger bones and muscles

•Increased confidence and self-esteem

•Better academic performance

•Increased active range of motion

•Improved motor planning and purposeful movement

•Increased kinesthesia to improve body awareness

•Restoration of proper patterns of movement and posture

•Correction of Body alignment

•Improves Coordination  and Balance

•Increased independence in negotiation of environment

•Improved ability to participate in age appropriate activities

•Builds self confidence

Kids of all ages can be treated

Become as much of an

expert as the experts are.

2 locations

Education is a must

Experienced in field of Pediatrics



*Self direction families (OPWDD) welcome


All fitness programs are $150 per 60 minutes, Duration of program varies from client to client.